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Single Stock Concentration Risk Management

A substantial investment in human capital, technology, research and product deployment has resulted in a suite of services and delivery methodology that we believe in unmatched - it's another way we give our clients an Intelligent Edge.

Intelligent Edge Advisors has positioned itself as the leader in the complex and rapidly evolving discipline of stock concentration risk management.

Leadership & Experience Produce an Intelligent Edge

Our Managing Partner Thomas Boczar, Esq., LL.M., CFA, is recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities in single stock risk management. Tom has structured and arranged the execution of billions of dollars of transactions and initiated and managed strategic alliances with many prominent private banks, trust companies, wealth management and professional services firms. Tom is a prolific researcher and lecturer, and has extensively authored on various topics related to this ever changing field. Read more

Our Head of Hedging & Structured Solutions, Nischal Pai, CFA, has over 15 years of industry experience including devising and executing tax-aware hedging and investment solutions for UHNW clients. Nischal was Managing Director of the Quant Strategies Group at U.S. Trust, where he developed and implemented customized investment strategies for his clients involving the tax-efficient diversification of single stock concentrations, including derivatives, leverage and completeness portfolios. Nischal holds graduate degrees in Physics and Finance. Read More

Turning Complexity Into Opportunity

Intelligent Edge navigates and turns the complexity surrounding single stock risk management into opportunity for investors. We strive to stay ahead of the curve of this field which involves the intersection of financial engineering, taxation, the margin rules, securities law, contract law, and behavioral finance.

Generating Alpha Tax

The tax-aware structuring process Intelligent Edge uses is the source of potentially significant tax savings — what we refer to as tax alpha. Wall Street has invented many tools that accomplish exactly the same economic result, yet the tax results often vary considerably. We employ a sophisticated decision-tree analysis to identify the technique that should deliver the desired economic result with optimal tax-efficiency.

Moving Beyond Prepaid Variable Forwards (PVFs)

Many investors hesitate to use prepaid variable forwards (PVFs) because of continuing Internal Revenue Service scrutiny. In response, the Intelligent Edge team has developed a new technique that delivers exactly the same economics as a PVF, but avoids the specific concerns the IRS has raised. This new tool is based upon the innovative and expert application of the new “portfolio margining” rules. Like a PVF, there are no limitations on the use of proceeds, including reinvestment in publicly-traded stocks.

Mitigating Advisors’ Legal Exposure

An integral part of every transaction is our groundbreaking five-step best practices protocol, which has evolved over our team’s decades of experience. It is specifically designed to assist professional advisors and fiduciaries in satisfying their myriad legal duties under state laws such as the Uniform Prudent Investor Act, Uniform Trust Code and Uniform Principal and Income Act – while optimizing results for clients. Intelligent Edge’s trailblazing best practices protocol has focused the UHNW advisory community on the need to develop industry-accepted best practices within this discipline.